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P2P Lending
What is Peer to Peer Lending?
Peer-to-peer lending, also commonly referred to as P2P lending or loan based crowdfunding, is the act of lending money of individiuals to corporations or individuals to individuals.

Due to the advent of technology, retail Lenders can now lend directly to businesses through a trusted platform like Kredible, whereby prior to the widespread acceptance of P2P lending, the business of lending is confined mainly to financial institutions, licensed proprietary money Lenders or informal lending among individuals.
About Kredible
Who is Kredible?
Kredible is one of Asia’s leading peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms. Our goal is to enable Lenders (like you and me) and businesses connect so that businesses can gain access to alternative sources of financing while Lenders are able to tap into alternative types of asset classes.

Kredible strives to promote financial inclusion for the underbanked as well as provide an avenue for Lenders looking to contribute to the growth of small and medium sized businesses in Indonesia.
What distinguishes Kredible from banks in general?
Kredible does not have a banking license and does not operate as a bank. We are an online fintech Peer-to-Peer lending platform that connects Lenders with Indonesian businesses.

We aim to provide financial access for businesses who are not financed by banks or other financial institutions, as well as to provide an alternative asset class for Lenders to earn a return while supporting local businesses.
How does Kredible work?
We connect Lenders to Borrowers who needs financing through an online system call "marketplace" where loan details, risk category and returns are displayed in a simplified version call the Fact Sheet. From assessing the Fact Sheet, Lenders will then be able to choose to participate in deals that are most attractive to them.
Risk and Returns
How does Kredible conduct risk assessment on our Borrowers?
Kredible adopts a stringent risk assessment process by applying the methodology used by traditional financial institution and complemented by our in-house risk assessment approach.

By studying the Borrower’s financial and repayment ability and by validating these data with objective third party information, we will then rate each of our loan offerings with our proprietary Kredible Credit Scoring System.

Kredible Credit Scoring system is intended to aid Lenders’ in their lending decision by providing a detailed and objective analysis on a Borrower’s financial situation and repayment ability. It is also designed to provide a measurement of the amount of returns that a Lender can expect given the risk they are taking.
How is the loan interest rate determined?
The interest rate is determined based on the result of our proprietary scoring system. Please refer to the table below for the range of interest charged to any given loan:
Kredible Credit Score Indicative Interest Rate range Risk Profile
9 to 10 12% – 15% pa Lower risk
7 to 8 16% to 19% pa Moderate risk, moderate returns
5 to 6 20% - 23% pa Higher risk, higher returns
1 to 4 Based on our automated scoring system, any loans with credit score of between 1 to 4 will be automatically rejected
How do I calculate my returns from lending?
Your expected returns will vary according to factors such as the interest payable on the loan you have selected, the amount lend per loan, level of diversification and the associated transaction fees.

You can calculate your returns using the formula below:
Total returns = Total Repayments from Borrowers (including interest returns) minus 3% administration fee.
Will my returns be subjected to tax?
It is the responsibility of the Lender to handle and report his/her tax obligations to the relevant tax authority (self assessment).
Is the loan insured?
Is the loan guaranteed by Kredible?
Kredible does not guarantee the loan that we publish on our platform however, we do perform thorough analysis on every businesses that approach our platform for funding and using our proprietary Kredible credit scoring system, we provide Lenders with a clear and transparent view on the risks and returns associated with each loan offering.
What happens if the Borrower is late on repayment?
We will first inform you that the payment will be late and for any late payments, the Borrower will be liable for late charges and additional interest applied to the outstanding amount due for the duration of delay.
What happens if the Borrower defaults?
In the rare and worst scenario where the Borrower defaults, we will first notify you of such situation and thereafter, Kredible will take into account of the available information and the financial situation of the Borrower to decide on the best course of action.

Some of the actions we may/can take includes debt restructuring, debt collection and/or legal action.
Is Kredible regulated by the government?
PT Sinergi Mitra Finansial (“Kredible”) is an information technology-based peer-to-peer lending service that has been officially registered at the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Our operational activities are strictly monitored and regulated by the OJK according to “Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Nomor 77/POJK.01/2016 tentang Layanan Pinjam Meminjam Uang Berbasis Teknologi Informasi”.
How do I register to become a Lender?
You can easily register to become a Lender either through our website or mobile application.

For Indonesian citizens, we require that you provide us with a valid KTP and for non Indonesian citizens, you would be required to provide a copy of your passport.

To start lending, you would need to transfer a minimum of IDR 100,000 to your virtual account.
Can I simultaneously register as a Lender and Borrower?
At the moment, we only accept registration to become either a Borrower or Lender. However, if you wish to register to be both a Lender and Borrower at the same time, you can send a request to our onboarding team at
Who will be receiving the funds that I have lend?
The funds will be disbursed to Indonesian SMEs and MSMEs who have passed through Kredible's stringent credit assessment.

In this way, we ensure that the funds is going only to deserving businesses and to allow our Lenders to finance and participate in the growth of these Indonesian SMES and MSMEs.
Can I know the name of the business that I am lending to?
According to POJK regulations, we are not allowed to reveal the identity of our Borrowers.

However, you can refer to the factsheet provided to look at the businesses profile and recent performance.
What is the minimum loan amount that I can lend?
The minimum amount that you can start lending is Rp 100,000
Is it safe to provide loans through Kredible?
As with any types of lending and loan products, lending to SMEs or MSMEs carries risk.

However, we have a stringent risk assessment process in place ensure the repayment ability of the Borrowers at the point of loan approval.
What is Auto Lend and how does it work?
Auto Lend is an automated process and provides a convenient way to set your preferences and participate in deals that meet your set of criteria.

Auto Lend is also the best way to ensure that you get to participate in the deals that meet your pre-determined criteria as whenever we publish a new deal, the deal will first be filled up by Lenders who have set up the Auto Lend feature and followed by Lenders who participate in the deal manually.
Can I still withdraw my funds after I lended in a particular loan?
You will not be able to withdraw the funds once you have committed to a loan.

The reason is that during the crowdfunding process, the loan offerings are allocated through a combination of our auto-invest feature and for other Lenders on a first come first serve basis.

Once the loan is fully allocated, we will then disburse the funds to the Borrower. Therefore, any withdrawal of the committed funds will disrupt the crowdfunding process and also be unfair to Lenders who have committed the funds and also to Lenders who have otherwise missed out on the initial allocation.
What is Kredible Loan?
Kredible provides business loans which starts from Rp 5 million to Rp 2 billion and with tenor ranging from 1 to 24 months.
What is Invoice Financing?
Invoice Financing is a loan product for businesses who need quick access to capital as their income/revenue is tied up in the form of invoices that has yet to be paid by their clients.

Invoice financing helps businesses improve cash flow and enable them to reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could if they had to wait until their customers paid their balances in full.

The tenor for invoice financing typically starts from 30 to 90 days and the Borrowers will repay the invoice financing loan once they have received monies from their clients.
How much funding can I receive?
The amount of funds that can be disbursed will be determined by 1) the needs of the Borrower 2) a credit analysis of the Borrower using our Kredible credit scoring system.

If the Borrower passes our credit analysis, we will then disburse up to a maximum of 80% of the invoice amount.
What are the requirements for applying for a loan with Kredible?
The main requirements are outlined below:

a) The business has been operating for at least 1 year.
b) Domiciled in JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi), Bandung and Surabaya.
c) Applicant's age is between 21 to 60 years old.
d) Must have a bank account that shows the business revenue.
e) The business type can be either a PT, CV or a sole proprietorship.
f) Having a monthly turnover of at least Rp 50 million.

Apart from the main requirements shown above, Kredible may also request for additional information from any prospective Borrower subject to our internal assessment.
What information or document do I need to provide when applying for a loan with Kredible?

The main requirements are outlined below:

  • i) For Business entities (PT or CV): proof of the legality of the business in the form of a Deed of Establishment and Articles of Association.
    ii) For individuals or sole proprietors: a copy of the Borrower's ID (KTP).
  • Personal NPWP / Company NPWP.
  • Latest audited Financial Reports (from the last 1-2 years).
  • Bank Account statements of the last 6 months.
  • Information of the Personal Guarantor.
  • Monthly turnover of at least 50 million for the last 12 months of operations.
How long does it take to get a loan in Kredible?
Typically we would take up to 7 working days to approve a loan after we received the complete set of required documents.
How long before the funds are disbursed to my business?
Typically we would take up to 3 working days to disburse the funds once all the required documents are signed off and completed.
Are there any fees charged when applying for a loan with Kredible?
Kredible will not charge any fees if the loan does not get approved or disbursed.
What fees do I need to pay if my loan is approved?
Kredible will charge a success fee of between 2% - 4% of the approved loan amount.
What kind of interest rates will I be charged for borrowing through Kredible?
The interest rate charged can range from 12% to 23% per annum (flat interest rate) subject to the credit rating of the Borrower, tenor and terms of the loan.
Kredible Credit Score Indicative Interest Rate range
9 to 10 12% – 15% pa
7 to 8 16% to 19% pa
5 to 6 20% - 23% pa
Do I need to have a Personal Guarantor?
We require that every loan application to be backed by a Personal Guarantor.
How does Kredible assess the eligibility of invoices financed?
Submission of invoice financing is evaluated and approved based on strict criteria and analysis in accordance with the analysis standards set by the Risk Team of Kredible.

We will also evaluate all forms of soft and hard data provided by prospective Borrowers during our credit risk assessment.

Finally, we will also verify some of the data through field visits with both the Borrower and the payer of their invoices.
Can I repay my loan before my tenor is up?
Yes, you can pay off the loan before the end of your loan tenor without penalty. In this instance, you would need to pay for the interest for the month where the loan repayment is made.
What if I default on my payment?
Late interest will be charged and further action, such as legal proceedings, may be taken if necessary.
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